Discover the 5 IT Pillars you must address in 2021
Business owners and managers cannot stand when their staff's productivity is down.

IT problems are often used as an excuse to stop working and start talking. Now's the time to make sure your IT has a positive effect on your business in 2021. 

With the right technology strategy, you and your team could be more productive, more motivated, and  ultimately make more money! 

We put together a new, free guide to reveal the 5 key pillars you must have in your IT strategy (number 3's the one that your staff will love to help with)
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The Cloud is a powerful tool that business's all around the world are adopting to solve their biggest problems and scale and grow. 
How to utilize the "cloud" to drive business growth.
Practical Business Use of "The Cloud"
Are you confident that your business is secure and protected from a cyber attack? What happens if your company does get breached, what do you do? Get the answers here.
Is my business at risk of a cyber attack?
Find out if you are at risk of a cyber attack and what you need to do now to protect your company.
A remote workforce brings new challenges business owners never had to face before and productivity takes a hit. From communication issues, to accessing resources, to managing team members; we got the guide for you.
Guide: How to increase productivity and efficiency with a remote workforce.
A remote workforce is necessary in today's business world. 
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Katie H. from The Hotel Wailea, Relais & Chateaux

"Pacific IT Support has been beneficial for our hotel in multiple aspects. Being able to access support via email helps us keep track and monitor recurring problems. The Pacific IT team has also strengthened our confidence in our IT areas where we don't panic every time something goes wrong because we know the issue will be rectified in a timely matter. In addition to the quick response rate, Erik especially has been readily available on Holidays (the Easter key fiasco to more specific), day and night, to assist us personally."

Adam D. from Sterling Development Services

"Pacific IT Support has provided seamless integration with new team members and cloud base services. Outsourcing our IT needs to Pacific IT Support saves us time and makes our company run more efficiently."

Garrett H. from Hamai Appliance

"Pacific IT Support is a dependable company that always responded and followed up with us in a timely manner to trouble shoot and resolve our IT issues. It was hard to find good IT support on the island until we found them. They have a very nice staff and have been a  pleasure to work with."

Bradford I. from The Ing Law Firm

"Pacific IT Support helped us streamline networks, update servers, secure confidential information and finally expand and increase production. With Pacific IT Support on our side we are able to perform at our very best for our clientele."

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